Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Enjoying my kids

How do you learn to enjoy your kids when they seem to drive you crazy? How do you balance housework, homeschooling and playtime when you are so tired? I have a revolutionary idea I have discovered...you can't!!!

I have been learning that life does not have to be perfect, in fact I think it is better to have an imperfect/messy home and have happy kids and a happy husband. I would find myself being so tired at the end of the day just from cleaning, cooking and disciplining children that my husband would get what was left, which wasn't much. I found that the best way to bring everything together was to first focus on my husband. If I was too tired to spend time with him at the end of the day then some things would have to go for that day, like the laundry or the dishes in the sink. Once my husband was happy and actually was able to spend time with the not tired me I noticed the house was a much happier place which in turn meant happier kids and ultimately happier me. 

Because I was not doing as many chores and stuff during the day I found I had more time to just sit and play with my kids. Admittedly this was difficult for me at first. I am not the type to be content playing a game of candy land that lasts forever because my kids get distracted by EVERYTHING, especially if there are dishes in the sink.  But with prayer and patience I began to enjoy these things and enjoy how my children responded when I was joyful to play with them instead of reluctantly agreeing with a sigh. 

I am far from perfect but once I began to put away my selfish desire for perfection and started to focus on my family I began to enjoy my children again. 


  1. The first thing that came to mind was "Work Life Balance". It is something that is talked about a lot in the corporate HR world but I never stopped to think that it would be just as important for a stay at home mom.

  2. I love this, Jenn. I hope you are doing well.